Founded in the USA in 1937, BAND-IT® is acknowledged as the world’s leader in quality engineered band clamping and innovative fastening solutions. Arnet brings the range of BAND-IT’s product portfolio that include Ball-Lok, Ball-LoktTM, Multi-Lok and BAND-IT® Ties. In addition, BAND-IT provides a range of Band and Buckle systems as well as Patented SS ID tags and ID systems.

Band & Buckle Systems

BAND-IT provides high strength fastening and clamping. Wide variety of materials, width and thicknesses. Can be formed to virtually steroids for sell any diameter and shape.

Ultra-Lok Systems
Form band lock under full tension (meaning less slippage). Offers food resistance to oxidation and many moderate corrosive agents.

Pre-cut and assembled with a clip, buckle/seal. Superior performance, UV resistance and durability. BAND-FAST is also available in a variety of types and

201 SS, bright annealed finish with a combination of high strength and quality appearance.

Giant Band
The widest and thickest band
provides maximum strength.

Plus and Valuband
Economical band suitable for light duty applications.

Galvanised Carbon Steel Band
Utilised mainly for low cost and minimal corrosion resistance.

304 Stainless Steel Band
Economical band suitable for light duty applications in typical atmospheres.

316 Uncoated and Coated
Stainless Steel Band
Superior corrosion resistance in typical atmosphere and fresh water. Available with halogen free coating (PPA 571) for additional corrosion resistance and smoother edges.

317L Stainless Steel Band
Superior corrosion resistance in industrial and marine atmospheres, salt water and mild chemicals.

Monel 400 Band
Superior corrosion resistance in marine, salt water and harsh chemical environments.

All Purpose Band
Evenly spaced holes allow fastening with screen or nut and bolt. Uncoated or coated with halogen free coating (PPA 571). Easy to install with common
hand tools.

Polypropylene band – ideal for hundreds of light duty applications. UV resistant. Can be tightened by hand or with easy-to-use Q-Band manual tool.


Engineered hand, pneumatic and power tools to provide fast, easy and ermanent installations.

C00189 – BAND-IT Tool
Hand tool; For band widths 3/16″-3/4″

C00399 – Heavy Duty BAND-IT Tool
Heavy Duty Hand Tool. For band widths 3/16″-3/4″. For higher torque requirements.

G40299 – Giant Tool
Hand tool

C07569 – Bantam Tool
Hand tool for band widths 3/16″-3/4″. Low torque, one hand installation.

C40099 – Ratchet tool
Hand tool for band widths 3/16″-3/4″

C08569 – Strapping Tool
Low torque, two hand installation.

J02069 – Pok-It II Tool
Pok-It II tool with cutter: 1/4″ – 3/8″ wide band

T30069 – Centre Punch Tool
incl. Adaptor

Light duty hand tool to be used with 5/8″ W center punch style clamps. Includes adaptor for 3/8″ W

S03869 – Centre Punch Tool
Light duty hand tool to be used with 3/8″ and 5/8″ W center punch style

C00269 – Junior Hand Tool
Use with BAND-IT smooth ID clamps

TL3800 – Tie-Lok Tool
Hand tool to be used with 3/8″ Tie-Lok ties only.

A92079 – Tie-Lok II Tool
Tie-Lok II hand tool for applying only 0.25″ width Tie-Lok Ties

A91079 – Mini Tie-Lok II 
Tie-Lok II hand tool for applying only 0.177″ width Tie-Lok Ties

A94079 – Ultra Lok Tool
Ultra-Lok hand tool for applying Ultra-Lok Ties

M50389 – Multi-Lok Tool
Hand tool

S75099 – Pneumatic Junior
Clamp Application Tool
Air tool with manual cut off and foot control. Use with BAND-IT Jr. smoot ID clamps.

S35099 – Pneumatic
Automatic Junior Clamp
Application Tool
Automatic air tool with foot control. Use with BAND-IT Jr smooth ID clamps.

SM1700 – Pneumatic
Automatic Center Punch
Clamp Application Tool
Air tool with automatic cut off and foot control, use with BAND-IT 5/8″ center punch clamps.

Stainless Steel Cable Ties (Coated & Uncoated)

Bundle, tie or fasten with a wide variety of locking styles to meet your application needs. BAND-IT delivers a complete selection of strong, corrosion-resistant ties.

Tie-Lok and Mini Tie-Lok Ties
Smooth ID ties with low profiles with a strong patented dimple lock. Available in 3 widths: 0.177”, 0.250” and 0.375”. Provides fast, reliable and consistent clamp. Great for bundling cable.

Ultra-Lok Ties
Smooth ID ties with low profile. Stainless steel tie with Ultra-Lok locking style. Provides fast, reliable and consistent clamp. Great for bundling cable.

Self-locking ties. Available in two widths: 0.180” and 0.310”. Fully coated epoxy.

Self-locking ties. Coated with Nylon 11 or uncoated. Available in two widths: 7mm and 12mm. Fast, easy application with unique multiple locking system.

BAND-IT Ties 200/300 SS
Reusable tie available in 3 widths: 1/4″, 3/8″and 5/8″. Has a unique buckle  design. Coated with Nylon 11. The only Tie capable of a double wrap for special  strength requirements.

BAND-IT Ties 316 Stainless
Reusable tie available in 2 widths: 1/4″and 3/8″. Low smoke, Zero Halgoen, PPA coated for superior corrosion resistance. For cable bundling in harsh environments.

Cable Identification & Marking System

Print your own tags on 304 or 316 stainless steel and apply with Tie-Lok Ties. Tag imprinter is available with a choice of character size.

AE0109 – Easy Read
Stainless Steel letters, numbers and symbols. Slide directly onto cable ties to create a self-contained wrap tag. All alphabets and numbers available.

Embosser Tool
With the portable e tape embossing tool and a roll of stainless steel tape, you can quickly and easily produce I.D. tags with 3/16″ letter size which can be attached with your choice of BAND-IT ties.

ID 2026 – ID Series Tools
Bench mounted embossing tool. ID2026 ID tag imprinter with 1/16″ Character Wheel. ID2036 has a 1/8″ character wheel. ID

ID Tags
Embossed or pin marked Stainless Steel tags.